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The Winners of the Friday the 13th Free Prize Giveaway

Friday the 13th Giveaway

First off I want to say thank you to everyone who participated. Whether you answered one day or all three days you helped make it a fun experience. While it is a bit of work to put it all together on my end, I enjoy doing it! Please be sure to go check out the pages of all the prize contributors. They put some great items up for grabs for all who cared to enter. Part of the reason is, they are really awesome people, but another part is we all hope it spreads the word about all of our sites and products that are available to collectors and fans all over.

List of all the contributors:

Be sure to check out the pages of all of the prize contributors for more great items and deals!
Big Sharp Knife Studios
Deadend Toyz and Teez
Engraveyard Studios
Higgins Haven Masks & Displays
Kings Spooky Kreations
New Blood Costumes
Signature Horror (Currently Samson Publishing Company)

Now for some stats.

There were 15 questions with a total of 29 expected answers.

Day 1 Possible Points: 14
Day 2 Possible Points: 27
Day 3 Possible Points: 42

Total Possible Points: 83

AMAZINGLY we had a tie for first place, both of them had a PERFECT SCORE of 83 points. They got every one of them correct! That is a very impressive feat.

That means I had to use a tie-break question that only they saw. I tried to make it something hard, so I went with something I learned from talking directly to Kane Hodder!

Tie-Break Question: Which character’s death scene was the first scene that Kane Hodder ever filmed as Jason in Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood?

The answer was the birthday boy who never made his party, Michael. He was portrayed by William Butler in the film. In the story that Kane told me and Lar Park Lincoln who was right there too, he also pointed out how Butler also did his makeup for parts of the film.

Sure enough these two who had gotten a perfect score on the first three days knew the answer! this meant I had to use a second tie-break question. Again, I attempted to make it a hard one, so I used something I heard directly from Victor Miller!

Tie-Break Question #2: Which character from the original Friday the 13th film did Victor Miller NOT create, and was added later to the finished film by someone else?

The answer is Officer Dorf. While Victor felt this scene diminished one of the key pieces of his plot, the teens not being able to get help in their remote location. The motorcycle cop paying an unexpected visit took away from that a bit.

This broke the tie as our winner got it correct while our now runner-up went with Crazy Ralph instead. ( He had a very valid explanation as to why, but I won’t share it.)

Our winners are:

Grand Prize:    Kenneth J Casper Sr.  – 83 Points
Runner-Up:     Ian Bones  – 83 Points
3rd Place:         Kevin Kedgley  – 77 Points (missing just 2 questions)

Honorable Mentions to: Ed Hiles Jr. and Jimmy Black both with 76 points, so close! Steve Chapman with 70, and Johnny Grubbs with 68.

It was a great battle to the finish! Congratulations to all the winners and all the other competitors as well.

Kenneth wins the following items:
Signed copy of my book 6-13 A Friday the 13th Movie Trivia Book (which he already has a copy of and is offering to another player)
Part 6 hockey mask from Higgins Haven Masks & Displays
NECA Jason 8-bit Figure from Deadend Toyz and Teez
Friday the 13th plaque from Engraveyard Studios
Friday the 13th Cabin 3 Replica Keyring also from Deadend Toys and Teez

Ian Bones was left to make the following choices:
Signed copy of my book 6-13 A Friday the 13th Movie Trivia Book
Split Part 7 Mask contributed by New Blood Costumes
JDF Studios Remake blank mask also contributed by New Blood Costumes
The Killer and I DVD also contributed by New Blood Costumes

This leaves our runner-up Kevin with the following:
Signed copy of my book 6-13 A Friday the 13th Movie Trivia Book
X-Large Jason Mask T-Shirt from Deadend Toyz and Teez

We look forward to bringing you more giveaways in the future! They are already being discussed. So be on the look out for details. Thanks again for playing!

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