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Friday the 13th Trivia Contest – The Answers and Winners

Sorry for taking so long to get the answers posted and winners announced. It was a long night at the show we are doing this weekend. Then I had to do some extra research on the one answer because you all challenged me with MANY different answers for it, and not one matched my actual answer.

Our winners are:

First Place: Diana Link (1 wrong)

Second Place: Mark Bunce (2 wrong)

Third Place: Clint Narramore (First of the 3 wrong group)

WTG you three! I will be contacting you at some point on Saturday or Sunday. (We have the same show Saturday too, so it might not be until Sunday.) Feel free to message me listing which prize you want, and your second choice. Basically Diana gets which one she wants, Mark gets to pick from the remaining two, and Clint is left with the other one.


Signed copy of my book

Set of 15 Friday the 13th buttons

Signed 8X10 or 11X17 poster (Checkout www.signaturehorror.com for the full selection, or ask me about them.)

So here are the questions followed by the answers.

Answer: Last House on the Left


Judie Aronson – I do believe many confused this one. Most answered people who have posed nude in the magazine as Playmates. The question was about Playboy Bunnies, the women dressed up in the tight bunny costumes at the Playboy Clubs. I did go and research EVERY answer that was given for this one and am confident that Judie Aronson is the ONLY other actress from the franchise to have been a Bunny.

Even my book somewhat got this question wrong though. In my book the question asks who worked as a Playboy Bunny and only gave Deborah Voorhees as the answer. It wasn’t until Judie Aronson saw a copy of the book and spotted that question and said “Oh this one is about me” in reference to the question. So if there is a second edition of my book I will be sure to correct it to include Judie as well.


In the Halloween franchise Jamie Lloyd was Michael’s niece. In Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday we learn that Jason has a sister, and a niece whose name is Jessica Kimble.


In Friday the 13th: A New Beginning, Matthew Letter who runs Pinehurst has a book about mastering the video game Pac-Man in his office.


Annie who was going to be the camp cook.

Tommy Jarvis was playing the video game Zaxxon.

In Freddy vs. Jason, Bill Freeburg says, “Dude that goalie was pissed about something!” after Jason terrorizes the big party.

Eternal Peace Cemetary which is where Tommy Jarvis digs Jason up in Jason Lives: Friday the 13th Part VI.

They were watching A Place in the Sun

The date Friday, October 13th is clearly seen in the opening scenes of Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood when young Tina (Jennifer Banko) is listening to her parents fighting.

Photo of the scene, which coincidentally you can purchase (or a winner could choose) a signed copy of on my web site www.signaturehorror.com


Janessa was sucked out of the small hole into space, but not before delivering one of my favorite lines, “This sucks on so many levels!”

The Bruce Springsteen bumper sticker is on the back bumper of Chris Higgins’s van in Friday the 13th Part 3. You can it in the seen where Loco and Ali are preparing to siphon the gas out of the van.

The song is The Darkest Side of the Night by the band Metropolis and was featured in Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan. For those that named a band member who co-wrote or sung the song, you DID get credit.

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