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Day 3 Answers

Dream Warriors - Welcome to Prime-Time Bitch!

Time for the Day 3 Answers!


Question #1: Halloween movie franchise star Donald Pleasence made an appearance in which A Nightmare on Elm Street film? 4 Points

While it is a slight bit of a tricky question, I would never ask a trick question with the answer of none of them. Although, some of you made it more of a trick question on me as well. I had one answer, A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors (which I will explain in a moment), and some of you answered Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy which was a documentary.

Donald Pleasence did indeed appear in Never Sleep Again in archive footage as Dr. Loomis in Halloween. So those few that answered that will be getting points as well. It didn’t actually make a difference in the winners anyway.

My answer was as I said Dream Warriors. It was during the scene with Jennifer in the TV room. She starts off watching Critters, then when the scene comes back to her she changes the channel once after burning herself. The movie on the TV is Alone in the Dark starring Donald Pleasence, seen on the screen in the first photo below. She then quickly changes the channel to Dick Cavett interviewing Zsa Zsa Gabor. Then Robert Englund delivers his ad-libbed line “Welcome to Prime-time Bitch!”

Dream Warriors - Donald Pleasence

Dream Warriors - Welcome to Prime-Time Bitch!

Question #2: Name three (3) ships seen or mentioned in Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan? 2 Points Each (6 Total Possible Points)

The three boats/ships seen or mentioned in Jason Takes Manhattan are the Lady Drifter, the Lazarus, and the Coast Guard Cutter Dallas. Lady Drifter was the boat Jim Miller and Suci Donaldson were on at the beginning on Crystal Lake. The Lazarus was the big ship they had their graduation cruise on that took them towards New York. The Coast Guard Cutter Dallas was ho answered their distress call from the Lazarus.

ScreenHunter_1051 May. 15 17.30 ScreenHunter_1051 May. 15 17.38

Question #3: How many holographic people does Jason “kill” in Jason X? 4 Points

The answer is 4 holographic PEOPLE. First he takes out Dallas and Azreal as holograms, then he kills them in real life. The other two were the campers created by Tsunaron in a fake Camp Crystal Lake to distract Jason. The creatures do not count, for the few that included them it didn’t count against you.

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Question #4: Most fans know that Ted White was the oldest person to portray Jason Voorhees, but who was the youngest actor to portray him in a Friday the 13th film? 4 Points

Throughout the series Young Jason has been portrayed by four actors.

Friday the 13th (1980) – Ari Lehman – Age 14
Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan – Tim Mirkovich – Age 10
Freddy vs. Jason – Spencer Stump – Age 13
Friday the 13th (2009) – Caleb Guss – Unknown

After extensive searching I could not find Caleb Guss’s birth date. I find it very odd that with the internet today I could not find it. If I were to search everyone who entered this contest I bet I could find more than half your birth dates in a few hours, and none of you were in a major motion picture! Luckily no one went with him as their answer so it doesn’t matter. Tim Mirkovich at age 10 is the youngest Jason for our purposes.

Question #5: Not counting any dream sequences or flashbacks at all, and never counting Jason as a kill – Who is the one character that each of the characters seen in the above pictures was responsible for killing? 4 Points Each (24 Total Possible Points)

there seemed to be a little confusion on this final question. It is simply asking you to name the 1 person that each of these characters killed in a Friday the 13th film. When  you do not count dream sequences or flashbacks (this is important for someone like Freddy), and do not count Jason being killed since he never dies anyway…they have each killed 1 person, no more, no less.

Character #1 – Alice Hardy – Friday the 13th – Killed Pamela Voorhees
Character #2 – Tommy Jarvis – Friday the 13th: A New Beginning – Killed Roy Burns
Character #3 – Freddy Krueger – Freddy vs. Jason – Only killed Mark Davis, no one else.
Character #4 – Jessica Kimble – Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday – Killed Sheriff Ed Landis
Character #5 – Vic Faden – Friday the 13th: A New Beginning – Killed Joey
Character #6 – Rennie Wickham – Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan – She caused the cop car to crash into the wall which led to the car exploding with her teacher Colleen Van Deusen still in the back seat. Causing the events that lead directly to someone’s death is killing them.

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