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Day 3 Answers for the HMMaT Trivia Contest

Well, we finished Day 3 with 4 people still tied with perfect scores! Amazingly three of them are our winners from last year’s contest. They certainly are dedicated and knowledgeable. We have been doing some tie breaking questions for a few hours and are still tied. We will sort things out tomorrow. These guys are good!

Here are the answers to Day 3 questions.

Question #1: Clarice Starling offers Hannibal Lecter a deal for helping catch Buffalo Bill where he can walk on the beach and swim in the water for one hour a day during one week of the year on what island in The Silence of the Lambs? (3 Points)

Answer: Plum Island


Question #2: What is the name of the band booked to play on the train excursion in the film Terror Train? (4 Points)

Answer: Crime


Question #3: Which actress got paid for Friday the 13th: A New Begining, Jason Lives: Friday the 13th Part VI, and Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood despite not appearing in all three of them? (4 Points)

My intended answer was Darcy DeMoss. She was hired by the producers and paid for a role in Part 5, but then the director chose someone else for the role. Darcy was then in Part 6 as Nikki, and in the archive flashbacks of Part 7.

The other answer that got points is Kimberly Beck. Due to the wording of my question she fits as the answer as well. She didn’t “appear” in Part 5 or 6, but instead we heard her voice in the archive flashbacks. Then there was a clip of her in the flashback of Part 7.

My question should have said “Only got paid for 5,6, and 7.”


Question #4: Use the photo below this contact form. What horror film is this photo captured from? (5 Points)

This photo is from the film Chopping Mall when the girls are stocking up on supplies.


Question #5: Use the audio clip below this contact form. What is the name of the song? What band is the song by? What horror film was it originally in? (3 Points Each for up to 9 Points)

The song is Stand Up by the band Fastway from one of my favorite movies, Trick or Treat. This is the 80s movie starring Marc Price aka Skippy Handelman from Family Ties, and featuring Gene Simmons and Ozzy Osbourne. The soundtrack was amazing too.


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