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Day 2 Answers

Time for the Day 2 answers.

Five people got perfect scores on Day 2, 2 of them were perfect through Day 1 and Day 2!

Here are all the answers and some notes and photos.

Question #1: What was the name of the previous owner of Christine who had died in the John Carpenter film Christine? 3 Points

The previous owner of Christine was named Roland LeBay. His name is shared by his brother George seen here trying to sell the car to Arnie in the film.


Question #2: In the Nintendo Entertainment System Friday the 13th video game what did a counselor have to find and defeat in order to obtain the pitchfork? 3 Points

While there were things leading up to it, in order to get the pitchfork you ultimately had to defeat Mrs. Voorhees’s floating decapitated head! As long as  your answer included her head you got points. Here is one pic from the game with a not so good shot of her head in a stationary position. You might remember it for its distinct Medusa-like look.

Mrs. Voorhees head from Friday the 13th video game

Question #3: In Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan, when Rennie and Scott emerge from the subway in New York City an advertisement for what beer can be seen? 3 Points

When they emerge from the subway the camera pans up to look around Times Square and we see an electronic billboard for Fosters.

Jason Takes Manhattan Times Square

Question #4: The Jungle Gym seen in the climactic fight scene between Jason and Steven Freeman in Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday was originally used in what other classic horror film? 3 Points

The Jungle Gym used in Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday was previously used in Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds. It was one of many props used in this film that were also used elsewhere.
Jason’s Heart was used in From Duck Till Dawn where Tom Savini was actually the one to kill it with a long sandwich stick. The Necronomicon from The Evil Dead made an appearance in the Voorhees house in the film, without permission. Finally, the crate marked “Arctic Expedition’ in the Voorhees basement was originally used in Creepshow. Another thing used in a Friday the 13th film that later showed up in another film was the Jarvis house from The Final Chapter. It would later be used in the 2000 film Ed Gein, a role which coincidentally would be portrayed Kane Hodder in a different film.

ScreenHunter_1051 May. 15 16.21 ScreenHunter_1051 May. 15 16.22

Question #5: Many characters have worn clothes that have had a number on them in Friday the 13th movies. Name the 5 CHARACTERS that wore these numbers shown in the above images in a Friday the 13th film. 3 Points Each (15 total possible points)

#8: Steve Freeman in Jason Goes To Gell: The Final Friday
#10: Reggie in Friday the 13th: A New Beginning
#13: Azreal in Jason X
#66: Shack in Freddy vs. Jason
#81: Mark in Friday the 13th Part 2

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  • Tortoise174
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    Another interesting lil’ tidbit: The Jarvis house was also used for a scene in an “Entourage” episode.

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