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Friday the 13th Trivia Contest – The Questions

Here are the questions for today’s Friday the 13th Trivia Contest. You may only submit your answers once, so be certain before hitting that submit button! The first three with all the answers correct will be our winners. If no one gets all 13 questions correct then the highest scores in the fastest time will […]

Friday the 13th Trivia Contest – Deborah Voorhees Shear Horror Group

We are running a special Friday the 13th Trivia Contest! It is brought to you by the Deborah Voorhees Shear Horror Facebook group and SignatureHorror.com (Gene DeRosa). The trivia contest will run throughout the day of Friday the 13th (10-13-17). I will post a total of 13 trivia questions some time early Friday morning here […]

Official Rules for The HMMaT 2017 Big Halloween FREE Prize Giveaway

Here are the official rules of the trivia contest. I have tried to cover all possibilities. However, if you have any question please feel free to contact me. When is the contest? The trivia contest will begin Friday, October 27th, 2017 at Noon ET and will run through Tuesday, October 31st, 2017 at Noon ET. […]

What Did The Winners Choose?

Now that we know who won, let’s see what they decided to choose. Psy-Ko Smiley/Connie being the Grand Prize winner got to pick her prizes first. Here is what she chose. From Group 1: The Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood mask signed by Lar Park Lincoln From Group 2: 2012 Don Post […]

The Results Are In! – 2016 BIG Halloween Giveaway

We now have winners! Going into Day 7 we had a 7 way tie for first place with 89 points each, at the time that was a perfect score. There was a 2 way tie in second with 87 points, each had missed just one question all week. Then came photo #2 in the Day […]

Day 7 Answers – Time To Wrap Things Up!

Time for the Day 7 answers. This one didn’t go quite as I expected. The second photo threw nearly everyone, even me, for a loop! So, I will start with my full explanation of this photo. When I started working with Vinny Guastaferro who was in Jason Lives: Friday the 13th Part VI I went […]

Day 6 Answers – 2016 BIG Halloween Giveaway

For Day 6 we had 21 people answer with 16 of them getting a perfect score. After Day 6 we still had 7 people with overall perfect scores. Here are the Day 6 answers: Question #1: (3 Points) What was the name of the ship that Dracula takes from Transylvania to Whitby in the classic […]

Day 5 Answers – 2016 BIG Halloween Giveaway

You were all very impressive on Day 5 as well. 19 people responded and 16 of you got a perfect score! This did of course mean that 7 people still have a perfect score for all 5 days. Here are the answers for the Day 5 questions. Question #1: (3 Points) Who founded the Dance […]

Day 4 Answers – Happy Cannibalism Day

  For Day 4 we had 21 people responding and again an amazing 19 of them had a perfect score! We held steady with 7 people having a perfect score through all 4 days. Way to go everyone! Here are the answers for Day 4. Question #1: (2 Points) What did it say on the […]

Day 7 Questions: The Final Day – Time to break the tie?

Correction today’s questions are worth a total of 33 points, not 32! It is time for the final day of questions! We currently have a 7 way tie for first after Day 6 questions. These questions might see a bit tougher as I am attempting to break up that tie a bit. Before we talk […]