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Answers to the Day 1 Questions

Here are the answers to the Day 1 Questions. If you have any questions about the answers (and aren’t confused by that statement) lease send me a Facebook message or email to signaturehorror@gmail.com

Question #1: What horror film can be seen on a television in the background during one of Patrick Bateman’s workouts in the film American Psycho? (3 Points)

Answer:  The Texas Chainsaw Massacre


Question #2: What was the name of the 19-year old female corpse that Dr. Pretorius gets to turn into the Monster’s mate in the 1935 film The Bride of Frankenstein? (5 Points)

Answer: Madelina Ernestine


Question #3: A character wearing a sombrero is killed by the zombies while doing what specific thing in a mall in the George A. Romero film Dawn of the Dead? (3 Points)

Answer: Checking his blood pressure


Question #4: Use the photo below this contact form to identify the movie it was from. What horror movie is this license plate from? (4 Points)

Answer: This was the license plate on Brad’s car in the film Night of the Creeps.


Question #5: Use the audio clip below this contact form to identify the name of the song and the horror movie it is from. What is the name of the song? (3 Points) What horror movie is the song clip ORIGINALLY from? (3 Points)

Answer: You’re Just What I’ve Been Looking For (Angela’s Theme) by Frankie Vinci from Sleepaway Camp. here is the full song.

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