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Answers For Day 1 Questions

Trivia Contest Photo Day 1

Well, now that we are on to Day 2 and 3 questions it is time to post the answers for Day 1.

We actually finished Day 1 with 6 perfect scores!

Brenda got to go first in the Strip Monopoly game. She rolled a 12 and was happy to point out she got to roll again because she rolled a double. she then counted out her 12 spaces. If you check a Monopoly board you will see the 12th space is the Electric Company.

It has been pointed out that Brenda did roll a 1 and a 2…If you listen to the scene however she says “double sixes I get to roll again” and then counts out 12 spaces and places her piece on the Electric Company. Making it still the first property landed on.

One of the popular answers was Baltic Avenue which Alice landed on later in the game and say s it out loud and they discuss it.

Monopoly Board US


Young Tina killed her father on October 13th. You can see this on the calendar in the scene where she is listening to her father hitting her mother and then storms off.


Sissy while explaining her card game named Camp Blood says that the Jack of Spades represents Jason. You can see this scene at about the 32 minute and 40 second mark of the film.

Let me start by saying that The Evil Dead’s Sam Raimi had a bit of a, let’s call it a feud or rivalry with Wes Craven. In Wes Craven’s The Hills Have Eyes he used a torn poster from Jaws in a scene. He explained that it was to say that his film The Hills Have Eyes was scarier than Jaws.

The Hills Have Eyes

Sam Raimi then included a torn poster of The Hills Have Eyes in The Evil Dead. Raimi used it as Craven had previously explained it, to show that his film was scarier than The Hills Have Eyes. In The Evil Dead it is the scene in the basement of the cabin.

So the correct answer IS The Hills Have Eyes…and NOT Jaws. Sorry for those that said Jaws.

The Evil Dead

Trivia Contest Photo Day 1

The three dead bodies seen in this photo of Jason’s shrine to his mother, which can be seen in Friday the 13th Part 2 when Ginny barracades herself in there and Jason soon follows her in are:

Deputy Winslow who had gotten a claw hammer in the back of the head earlier.
Terry who was previously killed in an unseen scene after discovering Scott with a slit throat and running away screaming.
The third deteriorating corpse is indeed Alice Hardy. Please take notice of the icepick in the side of her head. Alice was killed in August 1979 and this scene takes place about 5 years later.

Please note that all of the general law enforcement related answers were accepted for Deputy Winslow.

For those that said Vickie, she was wearing a very distinctive sweater when she was stabbed and killed, and not a simple white shirt as seen in the photo, and like Terry was wearing at the time of her death.

Vickie Friday the 13th Part 2


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  • Liz Byrne
    Posted May 14, 2016 at 10:22 pm | Permalink

    That is actually not a even a United States monopoly board for the answer and different from the scene from The original movie. On the picture that was posted the dice is a 2 and a 1 which is baltic Avenue in the monopoly version they are playing in the movie.

    • voorhees13p7
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      Haha, WOW! Sorry about that I clicked on the wrong image to upload. I am fixing it.

    • voorhees13p7
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      As for the roll. I also updated that in the post. If you watch the scene she does roll a 1 and a 2 but then says she rolled double sixes and moves 12 spaces to Electric Company. I am betting they didn’t expect any of us 35 years later to actually look at what she rolled and didnt want to waste the film until she rolled an actual 12. lol

      • Liz Byrne
        Posted May 14, 2016 at 10:58 pm | Permalink

        Well we knew she rolled double sixes but we’re trying to give exact answers to be honest … all the questions are difficult so figured the more exact the better… I mean the double 6 thing is kinda obvious but thought we were supposed to give the most exact answer … kinda trick question feeeling ish :/

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