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Monthly Archives: November 2016

What Did The Winners Choose?

Now that we know who won, let’s see what they decided to choose. Psy-Ko Smiley/Connie being the Grand Prize winner got to pick her prizes first. Here is what she chose. From Group 1: The Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood mask signed by Lar Park Lincoln From Group 2: 2012 Don Post […]

The Results Are In! – 2016 BIG Halloween Giveaway

We now have winners! Going into Day 7 we had a 7 way tie for first place with 89 points each, at the time that was a perfect score. There was a 2 way tie in second with 87 points, each had missed just one question all week. Then came photo #2 in the Day […]

Day 7 Answers – Time To Wrap Things Up!

Time for the Day 7 answers. This one didn’t go quite as I expected. The second photo threw nearly everyone, even me, for a loop! So, I will start with my full explanation of this photo. When I started working with Vinny Guastaferro who was in Jason Lives: Friday the 13th Part VI I went […]

Day 6 Answers – 2016 BIG Halloween Giveaway

For Day 6 we had 21 people answer with 16 of them getting a perfect score. After Day 6 we still had 7 people with overall perfect scores. Here are the Day 6 answers: Question #1: (3 Points) What was the name of the ship that Dracula takes from Transylvania to Whitby in the classic […]