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Monthly Archives: May 2016

The Winners of the Friday the 13th Free Prize Giveaway

First off I want to say thank you to everyone who participated. Whether you answered one day or all three days you helped make it a fun experience. While it is a bit of work to put it all together on my end, I enjoy doing it! Please be sure to go check out the […]

Day 3 Answers

Time for the Day 3 Answers!   Question #1: Halloween movie franchise star Donald Pleasence made an appearance in which A Nightmare on Elm Street film? 4 Points While it is a slight bit of a tricky question, I would never ask a trick question with the answer of none of them. Although, some of […]

Day 2 Answers

Time for the Day 2 answers. Five people got perfect scores on Day 2, 2 of them were perfect through Day 1 and Day 2! Here are all the answers and some notes and photos. Question #1: What was the name of the previous owner of Christine who had died in the John Carpenter film […]

Next Prize Contributor – Higgins Haven Masks & Displays

The next contributor does some really great custom work. If you are looking for something unique or need a display for just about ANYTHING, Keith with Higgins Haven Masks & Displays is probably the guy you want to talk to. You can check out his Facebook page here: Higgins Haven Masks & Displays. I especially like […]

Next Prize Contributor – Big Sharp Knife Studios

Our next prize contributor is Tyler with Big Sharp Knife Studios. I actually think none of the Friday the 13th items were from him, but he has already contributed some great masks for the NEXT giveaway! Tyler makes some absolutely incredible looking masks. He doesn’t stick to just Halloween or Friday the 13th either. Go […]

Our Next Prize Contributor – Engraveyard Studios

Our next prize contributor is Billy with Engraveyard Studios. He has a wide variety of dozens and dozens of items. He has a cool 3D printer and laser engravers and can make some absolutely amazing items. Everything from dog tags to elaborate Hellraiser Puzzle Boxes. You really have to check out his page to see […]

Answers For Day 1 Questions

Well, now that we are on to Day 2 and 3 questions it is time to post the answers for Day 1. We actually finished Day 1 with 6 perfect scores! Question #1: What was the first space landed on during Alice, Brenda, and Bill’s game of Strip Monopoly in the original Friday the 13th? […]

Day 3 Questions

NOTE: The deadline to get the Day 3 answers in is 2PM ET on Sunday May 15th. This will give us a chance to total the points  and hopefully break any ties if needed in time to announce the winners that evening. It is time for the Day 3 questions for the trivia contest! Use […]

Next Contributor – New Blood Costumes

The next contributor to spotlight is James with New Blood Costumes. I really can’t say enough about the amazing things James makes and puts together. You can check out all is costume related items in his group at :  New Blood Costumes You might notice that none of his costume related items are in the […]

Time to show some love for Prize Contributors – Deadend Toyz and Teez

In order to make this whole trivia contest and free prize giveaway happen we had to bring together about seven different businesses – artists – prop and mask makers – and collectors to contribute all the great prizes included. In the end, everything that was sent to Kevin was way too much for one giveaway […]